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We are looking for REALTORS® who have the right stuff!

Join an amazing team of real estate professionals at Albert Wooster & Co. 

We are growing again and looking for a select few to join our dynamic team.

Read on to learn about "Why you should work with us" and "How to apply".

To Know: You don't have to wait till you have zero in the pipeline - Your current broker has to honor and pay you on your pending sales.

To Know: Your Listings are your current broker's listings - those will not transfer unless you get permission from your broker and customer.


The AW&Co. Difference

  1. SUPPORTED AUTONOMY: Are you a person who likes to do things on your own, (like entering and changing your own listings, using or not using tools that you decide help you in your business), and maybe you are a bit OCD, but you still want tips, tool advice, and training, plus expert broker support when you run into roadblocks, obstacles or issues?
  2. GREAT COMMISSION SPLITS: We blow the big guys out of the water. Would a 20%+ pay raise make a difference in your life?
  3. LEAD OPPORTUNITIES: We offer 3-10 leads a month, at all price points.  When was the last time your broker gave you a $400K, $600K or $1M+ lead?
  4. MORE SALES: Statistically you will convert up to 6+% of leads, resulting in 1 to 7 additional sales, every year.
  5. OPEN HOUSE OPPORTUNITIES: Generate your own buyer & seller leads, by working open house listings of fellow AW&Co realtors.
  6. STRONG BRAND & MARKETING: AW&CO has a strong, professional image, and we provide the tools, signs, support, and a solid targeted marketing strategy to help you succeed.
  7. GROWTH & HAPPINESS: Work in a brokerage that cares about making a difference in people's lives; our agents & their families, our customers & their families. 
  8. DOING RIGHT IN THE WORLD:  Work in a brokerage that is making a difference.  AW&Co has been Carbon Neutral since 2018 and a Sarasota County Green Business Partner since 2015, and also donates to; Malala Fund, Heifer International, WSLR 96.5FM, Florida House Institute, Transition Sarasota, CSL-Sarasota & CSL-Cultural Coast, USGBC (and more). 
  9. DIVERSITY: AW&CO honors and celebrates all races, nationalities, religions, familial status, LGBTQiap, etc. 
  10. REACHING YOUR GOALS & HAVING FUN:  Goal setting and an upbeat attitude are tenants of success. AW&Co. will help you analyze your current business, set goals, achieve them, and celebrate your successes.  Agents have seen a 20+% increase in their business by making the switch to AW&Co.  Today is your day - this is your life now, take the leap to AW&Co and watch your wings lift you up!

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AW&CO, not your average real estate brokerage.

Are you ready

To Join The Team 

SKIP to the Front of the Line

If you have been in the business for 5+ years and have done over 20 transactions - you can contact Albert directly at
He'll be glad to confidentially discuss joining as you have proven you are in the business and here to stay.  Other agents have seen a 20% increase in their business by joining AW&Co.  Take your next, best step now!

STEP ONE (if you are less than 5 years in the business)

If the AW&Co. Difference (above) sounds good to you continue on to the quick 5 min. quizzes. 

Then show us your technical skills by sending us a screenshot of your results.

This DISC assessment identifies your strongest personality traits.  D is for Decisive, I if for Interactive, S is for Stabilizing, and C is for Cautious.  The job of a realtor is highly Interactive so we are looking for people with this as their dominant trait.  A DISC assessment can be quite helpful for you as well in selecting careers that are suited best for your personality and it is used by HR departments around the world for placing people in the right positions.

Remember, make sure you take a screenshot of your results when you're done!


This quiz is from and will ask you some identifying questions at the end of the quiz, such as age, gender, etc., (however this is not something that we at AW&CO have access to).  Your answers to these questions are private and serve only as data for researchers at the University of California. We only want to see your quiz scores.  If you are not fearful of the world, have nothing to hide, and know-how to click unsubscribe if you get any spam emails, then soldier on.  As a Realtor, you are a public figure and you do NOT want to hide your identity, you want people to find you. We're looking for Realtors who are empathetic it is an important factor to determine if you can make it in this business. Your score needs to be on the higher end of the empathy scale.  The job of a Realtor is often working with people at a turning point in their lives and they can be emotional.  Helping them navigate this technical process with empathy is highly useful and is also a determining factor of a Realtor's long-term success. Those who score middle or low on the empathy score will face burnout in this job in 1-3 years and should consider a different career. 

Remember, make sure you take a screenshot of your results when you're done!



Being able to build trust when you are making big asks is pivotal. While this next quiz is geared towards fundraisers, it is also very relevant to our work in the real estate industry.

As a real estate agent, you will be asking big questions - like what your client values, or to sign on the dotted line to spend hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars. By determining your "Asking Style", you can learn how to serve your clients better.

This quiz starts out by asking you for your name and email, but also offers an option to opt-out of communications.

Make sure you take a screenshot of your results when you're done!


The last part is to show off your tech skills.

Attach your screenshots to an email, with the Subject Line "Ready To Join The Team!" and send the email to Albert at

We will be hiring the select few who fit in with our team at AW&CO and who really want to take their real estate game to the next level. Good luck to all applicants!