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Sarasota Airbnb & Short Term Rental Investment Properties FAQs

Is Sarasota a good place to buy rental property or have an Airbnb / VRBO?

This is a growing trend, especially in Resort Areas like Sarasota. People want to vacation here and enjoy the culture, restaurants, music, museums, botanical gardens, art galleries, shopping, tiki bars, architectural tours, and our white sand beaches year-round. 

This is also a way for investors to make better returns on rental properties. 

What are the rental restrictions in Sarasota?

The City of Sarasota allows 1 week rentals. 

In the unincorporated areas of Sarasota outside the city limits, the rule is a 1-month minimum rental period.  As such, the properties inside the city limits rent better year-round as many visitors want to stay less than 1 month.   

The exception inside the city limits would be condo associations, most of which do not allow anything less than 1-month minimum period also, some may dictate 3-month, 6-month or even 1-year minimum which keeps their building and amenities in better shape, and their insurance and taxes lower. 

If you go on Airbnb.com or VRBO.com you will see many rentals outside the city limits and although this is happening, there is a bit of neighborhood push back but it is being allowed to some extent.  The certainty of this leniency is not guaranteed so caution must be taken when buying or selling these properties.  The rules could get teeth (fines, cease and desist orders, etc.).

For the safest bet stay inside the city limits (but it may never happen either as the rent tax revenue received is significant and neighbors are realizing that these guests are usually respectful, and these homes are increasing the value of homes around them).

Can you have an Airbnb in Sarasota Florida? Is Airbnb legal in Sarasota, Florida?

There are many areas in Sarasota that are popular for Airbnb, close to shops, bars, restaurants, and supermarkets, and also within a few miles to the beaches.

The other obvious option would be properties directly on the Islands of Siesta KeyLido KeyLongboat Key, etc. but even then there are complexes that don't allow daily rentals, many are 1-month, 3-month or even 6-month and island properties are significantly more money. 

If you are looking for beachside short-term rentals please contact our office and we can assist.