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Join the team of Albert Wooster & Co.  I'm hiring Realtors who have the right stuff!

Are you ready to Join The Team?

You might ask “What’s in it for me?”

  1.  Autonomy but with Support – Are you a person who likes to do things on your own, maybe you are a bit OCD, but you still want training and expert advice when you need it?
  2.  A Great Commission structure that will blow the big guys out of the water.  Would a 20+% pay raise make a difference in your life?
  3.  Opportunity - 3 to 10 leads a month at all price points.  When’s the last time your current broker gave you a $400+K lead?
  4.  Opportunity - To work Open Houses - we generally have several homes you can sit open houses and generate your own buyer leads.
  5.  Additional Sales - Statistically you will convert 3+% of these leads resulting in from 4 to 15 additional sales every year.
  6.  Image - AW&Co. projects a strong professional image and provides tools, signs, support and a solid strategy to succeed.
  7.  Philanthropy - Do you want to work in a brokerage that is making a difference in people’s lives; our agents and their families, our customers and their families.  AW&Co. is also making a difference the world as a Sarasota County Green Business Partner, as a Carbon Neutral company through purchasing carbon offsets, donating to Heifer International,, WSLR 96.5FM, Florida House Institute, Transition Sarasota, USGBC (and that is just the beginning of our story).
  8.  Diversity - AW&Co. honors and celebrates all Races, Nationalities, Religions, Familial Status, LGBTQiap-lmnoz whatever the label is, as long as the group honors all and harms none.

If that all sounds good to you continue on to the quick 5 min. quizzes.  Then show your capabilities by screen capturing your scores and emailing them to Albert at and put the words “Ready to Join-The-Team” in the subject line.

The first quiz is from and they ask a couple of questions at the end to know your gender, age, etc. they are always boiling down the data.  If you are afraid to do this, you are not ready to “Join-The-Team”.  Are you ready to take on the world, have nothing to hide and know how to click un-subscribe (or use a rollup) to limit your spam? As a Realtor you realize you are a public figure and do NOT want to hide your identity, you want people to find you – then continue on brave soldier. Take the Quiz

This next quiz is on a website for fundraiser coaching and training. You are not a fundraiser (most likely) but the quiz is very good for finding out your "Asking Style".  As a Realtor you will be asking the uncomfortable questions to learn what the customer wants, including asking them to sign on the dotted line for hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even millions.  This quiz is also asking for your name and email.  Again, if you are afraid “Stop” do not pass go and be done with this nonsense.  Otherwise, if you are capable of fending off junk emails and see through the “Prince of Nigeria who needs to get $1M of his inheritance into your hands", forge ahead fighter of the good fight.  Click this link to take the Next Quiz.

By the way, I took both of these quizzes myself and haven’t noticed any more or less spam.

I am hiring the select few who fit the mold and want to take it to the next level in real estate – I hope it’s you!

Remember, screen capture and email me your results pages.

Good luck.